Clomazone Stewardship

Important Information

As clomazone is active at very low dose rates, it is important to take care when spraying any clomazone products to mitigate drift onto surrounding crops, hedgerows, or other non-target crops or plants.

All clomazone containing products marketed by FMC Agro Ltd. (*listed below) are formulated whereby the clomazone component is encapsulated as a capsule suspension (CS). The purpose of this capsule is for the controlled release of the clomazone and reduce the potential for off-target effects to surrounding crops and non-target vegetation via volatility.

Product Stewardship advice is given below for further information or to report any off-target effects as part of FMC Agro Ltd.’s Stewardship and Monitoring programme.

  • Take extreme care not to drift onto non-target crops and plants which may cause transient bleaching. The use of drift reducing measures are advised and these include:
    ◦ the use of low drift nozzles – Further information can be found in The Voluntary Initiative ‘Best Practice Guide – Nozzle Selection and Maintenance’ available on the following website
    ◦ only spray when wind speeds are between 1.2 – 4 miles per hour (Force 1 to 2 according to the Beaufort scale, measured at 10 m above ground)
    ◦ maintain an appropriate boom height and forward speed
    ◦ use a spray volume of 200-400 L water/hectare and a coarse spray quality as defined by BCPC
  • Whilst the capsule technology used in FMC Agro Ltd.’s clomazone products significantly reduces the risk of off-target effects, under certain climatic conditions clomazone may have the potential to volatilize and cause bleaching of off-target crops and other plant species.
  • Generally warm temperatures and moist soil at or shortly after application increase the potential for volatilisation. This transient effect is outgrown and has no long term effect on plant growth.
  • DO NOT leave the sprayer standing overnight with spray in it as the capsules can break down increasing the risk of volatility after application.
  • Current authorisations: Altiplano MAPP 17189, Centium MAPP 17327, Circuit MAPP 17118, Cirrus CS MAPP 17328, Cleancrop Chicane MAPP 17330, Cleancrop Covert MAPP 17340, Gamit MAPP 17314, Stallion Sync MAPP 17243, Tribeca MAPP 17312