Crop Protection

FMC Agro Ltd. supplies a broad range of crop protection products for use in agricultural, horticultural and amenity sectors. With a range of specialist grassland herbicides catering for weed control in both non-clover and clover safe situations, contact and residual herbicides for agricultural crops and advanced glyphosate formulations for use in all sectors. FMC Agro Ltd. also has a strong range of fungicides and insecticides for use in both agricultural and horticultural crops.

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Confine NT

A plant growth regulator for crop height reduction. All varieties of winter wheat, winter and spring..


A broad-spectrum triazole fungicide for control of foliar diseases in winter wheat and winter/spring..


A suspension concentrate containing 200 g/l chlorantraniliprole for the control of caterpillars in a..


Corral is an SC formulation containing 125g/L of Epoxiconazole ..


An insecticide for the control of cabbage root fly on protected crops of broccoli/calabrese, brussel..

Danadim Progress

A systemic insecticide for control of aphids in a range of cereal crops and ornamental plant product..


Debut is a water - dispersible granule formulaiton containing 50% w/w triflusulfuron-methyl, a sulfo..


Dephend is a suspension concentrate containing 400g/L Flufenacet and 100g/L Diflufenican for use as ..


A oil dispersion formulation herbicide for the control of a range of grass and broad-leaved wee..


A water-soluble, non-selective, non-residual herbicide for the control of most annual and perennial ..


A broad-spectrum systemic fungicide for use in winter and spring wheat, barley, rye, triticale ..


A broad-spectrum systemic fungicide for use in winter and spring wheat, barley, rye, triticale ..

Finish SX

A non-segregating blend of water soluble granules containing 67 g/kg metsulfuron-methyl and 333 g/kg..


A selective phenoxy herbicide for control of a wide range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds..

Foxtrot EW

A leaf-absorbed systemic herbicide for selective post-emergence control of grass weeds in wheat and ..

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