Crop Protection Ireland

FMC Agro Ltd. supplies a broad range of crop protection products for use in Ireland within the agricultural, horticultural and amenity sectors. With a range of specialist grassland herbicides catering for weed control in both non-clover and clover safe situations, contact and residual herbicides for agricultural crops and advanced glyphosate formulations for use in all sectors. FMC Agro Ltd. also has a strong range of fungicides and insecticides for use in both agricultural and horticultural crops.

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Foxtrot IRE

A leaf absorbed systemic herbicide for selective post - emergence control of grass weeds in wheat an..

Freeze NT IRE

A plant growth regulator for crop height reduction. All varieties of winter wheat, winter and spring..

Karis IRE

For the control of a wide range of insects in wheat, barley and oats, broccoli / calabrese, brussels..

Tizca IRE

A fungicide for use in potatoes. For the control of foliar blight (phytophthera infestans) and prote..

Triad IRE

A selective herbicide for the control of chickweed in spring (undersown with grass) and grassland ..

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